Operation manual of mud agitator

Usage and characteristics

JBQ Series mud agitator is the equipment of drilling fluid tank type solid control system, it is mainly used to agitate and mix drilling fluid to prevent drilling fluid solid phase particles precipitate in tank type circulating system and make its performance is steady and mixing is uniformity.

Operation manual of mud agitator

Main characteristics of the agitator:

It adopts the hollow flank worm reducer, the shaft section is circular arc cylindrical worm, the shape of worm gear is a roundness which is conjugate with worm. So the convex-concave meshing performance is reliable, high efficiency and compact structure.

It is convenient to maintain and adopts to bad working field used if the reducer is combine with explosion-proof motor.
The large agitating intensity, spread to a wide range and decrease the starting resistance.

Installation and operation

1 .We should horizontal lift agitator and placidly put on the right location when install the agitator, we should weld 4 M16 hole seats on the tank after adjust the coaxiality is<0.39mm and screw engine base fixed bolts.

2. Rigid coupling must be installed spring pad and strong reliable, otherwise will arouse the wave shaft is deflection, and the reducer is rapidly abraded.

3. In the operation process of agitator shouldn’t have the condition abnormal sound, cassette and higher temperature. Otherwise should stop and check it.

4. Reducer oil level should keep in the middle of mark the oil window and fill the lubrication oil when works. Advised use 120# industrial gear oil. When the field can’t contented it, also can use other proper lubrication oil.