Operation of low speed drilling fluid centrifuge

Operation process of low speed centrifuge :

(1) Plug in the power plug and press the power switch. Press the "STOP" button, open the door cover, and then install the rotor, good compress the nut tightly.

(2) The amount of the added liquid should be weighed first, then added to the centrifugal tube, and then put the centrifugal pipe into the rotor, pay attention to the number of the centrifugal pipe should be even, put off the door cover.

(3) When the countdown time is zero, the motor interrupt automaticly, it start the brake after 5 seconds, then the centrifuge will automatically stop running.

(4) In the process of running the centrifuge, if you want to see the original setting of the parameters, then you can press the settings button to view. If you want to change, you can also modify by the set key and the upper and lower key.

(5) When the rotor is stopped rotating, the door cover will be automatically opened, and the centrifugal pipe can be taken out by this time.

(6) At the end, turn off the power switch, unplug the power plug.

Operation notes of low speed centrifuge:

(1) When the centrifuge is running, the machine can not be moved, and the door cover can not be opened, in order to advoid the failure of the machine.

(2) The rotor speed shall not exceed its maximum speed, so as not to damage the rotor. If the rotor is out of date, replace it. If scratches or corrosion appear during the use of rotor, then the rotor should be replaced.

(3) The the centrifugal pipe should be checked before used, if there is a crack, then can not be used.