Optimising DC Shaker Screen Performance

DC Machinery's newly developed shale shaker screen is designed to last longer, handle higher flow rates, resist blinding, and remove fine solids. A good deal of shaker screen failures can be blamed on the abrasive wear on the screen cloth.
Optimising DC Shaker Screen Performance
Advantages of DC shaker screen;

The cloth offers wire diameters of up to 50% thicker than conventional screens.

These thicker wires are stronger and more resistant to help ensure longer screen life.

The DC screen is a rectangular weave with an aspect ratio (the length to width ratio of its opening) specifically designed to provide maximum flow capacity without sacrificing integrity of its opening size. Meshes with higher aspect ratios tend to open and allow more solids to pass through.

The DC screen combines high flow capacity performance of an aspect ratio rectangular mesh and the fine solids removal of a square mesh. Plus the DC screen cloth is built to extend screen life.

Less Blinding with DC Screen Cloth

The DC weave has the inherent qualities of a multi-layer rectangular mesh screen. This advantage of resisting particle blinding avoids the associated cost of fluid loss over screens that “blind off.” Screen blinding occurs when particles become trapped and lodge themselves in the mesh. By using the DC screens (compared to a square mesh) the tendency for blinding is reduced.