Optimizing performance with automated Brandt king cobra shaker

NOV Brandt king cobra shaker utilizes four pretension screens, offers liner or tuned elliptical motion and can be operated in manual or automatic model for removing detrimental drilled solids from the mud system.

The shaker’s linear or tuned elliptical motion is able to be selected at the flip of a switch. When operated in manual model, the function of king cobra in the same manner as other shakers on the market. When in automatic model, however, the king cobra will automatically adjust the deck angle in order to ensure that the fluid end point remains at a present position and that the feed tank volume is at the proper level. The fluid end point is easily adjusted from the deck angle, the king cobra will automatically energize the motors to provide 21% more vibratory motion to assist in keeping the fluid end point stable.

The king cobra advanced technology enables it to minimize mud losses while enhancing cutting dryness. Maintenance on the king cobra is minimal and its rugged design offers of reliable operation.

Unique, rugged basket design
Dual motion capable: linear or tuned elliptical
Patented drying deck
Individual seals on every screen
Patented pin-hole screen securing system

Provides optimal mud coverage of screen surface
Operator can select the desired motion for maximizing solids separation.
Keep the mud pool volume small, which helps to increase screen life.
Screen seals eliminate screen leakage.
Screen fit snugly and will not flip or slide once secured.