Please choose DC Mud centrifuge if you have requirements

A centrifuge provides effective separation of solid particles from fluids resulting in higher rates of penetration, increased drilling fluid life, reduced formation damage and lower drilling fluid and waste disposal costs due to efficient recycling rates.

Please choose DC Mud centrifuge if you have requirements

Advantages of DC Mud Centrifuge:
Big bowl,large treatment capacity,high G-force is available.

Stainless steel(2205) is adopted for main body(collection box included).

Spiral propeller is stainless steel material,the welding cemented carbide or ceramic empiecement for the protection of propeller.

Replaced cemented carbide ring or ceramic for protecting solids discharge outlet.

Bearing :Germany FAG or Sweden SKF.

Electrical Component:Siemens,Schneider.

Please choose DC Mud centrifuge if you have requirements

With a horizontal oilfield decanter centrifuge, the mixture of drilling liquid and cuttings and solids enter into the centrifuge. When it enters the centrifuge, it gets spun at an extremely high rate, sometimes as much as 3000 times the force of gravity. When this happens, the solids will separate from the liquids. When they are separated, the drilling liquid can be decanted and eventually returned to the mud tank where it can be replaced into the borehole for efficient drilling.

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