Reason of the shale shaker slurry and how to deal with the running of the pulp

How to deal with the phenomenon of running in the process of vibration sieve? This kind of phenomenon, and the main content of solid phase in drilling fluid, high viscosity, high mud drilling cuttings dispersion factors screening material; related to vibration of vibrating screen, small screen mesh, small screen area of their own conditions; and the liquid inlet side of the on-site installation of vibrating screen to position and have great relationship, can be from a few step by step analysis.

Reason of the shale shaker slurry and how to deal with the running of the pulp

First, the screen mesh is not reasonable. Each of the vibration sieve processing capacity of 50L/s, this is because the processing capacity of the test conditions according to the provisions of national standards: the 60 mesh, in the proportion of 1.8 weighted mud test, slurry viscosity slurry containing different particle size of sand. As the surface layer fast drilling, resulting in a large number of solid occupy the effective screen area, so the vibrating screen can not use fine mesh in a shallow well. Therefore, the initial screen should use a larger hole drilling, with drilling depth, gradually adopted more fine mesh.

Second point, formation and mud conditions affect the amount of treatment. Because the drug added in the drilling fluid can not be fully dissolved, the paste is on the screen, and the phenomenon of serious running at this time will occur. You should use drugs fully dissolved, or by using a larger hole screen. In another situation, when the drill into the loose sand rock or sand layer, sand easy card in the screen hole, causing screen blocking phenomenon. So to test several different mesh sieve mesh to reduce blocking phenomenon.

Third point, check whether the motor is correct. First remove the vibrator cover, check the eccentric block rotation two motor to have lateral rotation. Secondly, if the steering error, please exchange any two phase power supply in the electric control box. Error mode one (two motor to the inside of the rotation), although it can also be outside the exclusion of drilling bits, but the speed is slow; error mode two (two motor rotation), the vibration force is very small, basically do not discharge sand and mud.

Fourth, check the amplitude of the vibrating screen. The greater the vibration amplitude is, the larger the general processing capacity is, and the vibration power is adjusted to 90%. If there is a running plasma, the internal and external angle can be aligned to the eccentric block, then the vibration force is 100%. (at this time, the amount of mud is only about 15%).

Fifth point, check the flow distribution in the screen box is reasonable. Crochet vibration sieve mesh structure, on both sides of lower than that in the middle, mud easy to flow to run on both sides, should ensure that the mud from the middle to the screen frame. At this point, you can use two programs. One is to adjust the front spring seat, the front of the box is appropriate to increase the angle of the front of the screen box; two is to adjust the position of the flip plate, the flow of the control fluid flow distribution.