Reasons for over heating of drilling fluid centrifuge

It is normal for the drilling fluid centrifuge machine to give out heat when runing. Because the machine needs to consume the electricity, and the electric energy can be converted into the mechanical energy of the rotator of drilling fluid centrifuge. While there will always be wastage during energy conversion. A portion of the ednergy is converted into heat, which make the components of centrifuge generate heat. But if the centrifuge components are too heat, so it can be seen that the electricity is translated too much into the heat and lost.

Reasons for over heating of drilling fluid centrifuge

Reasons for heating of drilling fluid centrifuge:

1. The super load operation of centrifuge largen the electric current, the rated power is greater than the actual power, that over part turn into heat and emitted, so that the centrifuge parts overheating.

2. The power is too high, and the actual need of power is fixed, the over part run off and transformed into into electrical energy.

3. The set up or starting device problem of centrifuge, the power conversion rate of the centrifuge is low when started. If the centrifuge is set up too fast or starting device has problems, it can make the power of the centrifuge is too large, but the low energy conversion rate which will make it overheating. The overheating of the centrifuge parts can greatly shorten the service life of the centrifuge. Should find out the fault reason and handle it timely, or contact the centrifuge manufacturers, to carry out the technical support for the centrifuge fault processing.