Reasons of oil leak in bearing box for shale shaker

Shale shaker is the primary processing equipment of solid contorl system,it is used for separating the larger drilling cuttings from drilling fluid,and it plays an important role in protecting drilling fluid performance,also the shale shaker with a bearing box,but some times it will be oil leak,why?

Reasons of oil leak in bearing box for shale shaker

1. The reason of labyrinth seal structure.

Labyrinth seal is arranged in the rotary vibration shaft straight through labyrinth seal cover, axial size is limited, the labyrinth channel length and the spacing between the teeth are very small. The oil leakage phenomenon, once properly reduce the gap, but bearing high temperature rise,which also used the labyrinth seal cover and the bearing end cover matching and assembly, the effect is not good.

2. Auxiliary sealing without adjustment in place.

Tip grease is injected from the lubricating oil pipe sealing cover well reach the maze, not the formation of auxiliary seal,which is one of the indirect leakage.

3. Lubrication bearing box

Bearing volume of bearing box seal bearing to narrow, short axial length, causing sealing distance is short, small flow resistance, and the bearing on the shaft rotates at a high speed box form the inside pressure of the lubricating oil to the lateral bearing box leakage caused by the extrusion. The volume is relatively small and the bearing box better confined, in the process of operation, the micro positive pressure temperature Shengyi its bearings made boxes in vivo, ventilation effect and the box body blast effect of rotating parts and labyrinth seal, also make the oil is easy to leak.