SB6*8 Sand pump installation and operation instruction

SB series sand pump is for oil and gas drilling equipment characteristics of the new developed supporting pump, it uses axial suction structure, flow components for antiwear cast iron is applicable to transport corrosive aerosol drilling fluid or other similar conditions of liquid medium, it is desander, desilter, mixed funnel best supporting pump, but also is the ideal mud pump infusion pump, the parameter design give full consideration to the supporting device can work under the optimum condition, the main features are parts of the universality and interchangeability is strong, shaft seal leak less, reliable operation, long service life, easy maintenance.

SB6*8 Sand pump installation and operation instruction

SB series sand pump have five types: SB6 “* 8″, SB 5 “* 6″, SB3 “* 4 and SB2″ * 3 “. Model SB6 “* 8″ can match 45 kw, 55 kw, 75 kw, motor, according to user requirements have positive transfer pump and reversal pump six specifications;

Model SB5 “* 6″ with 22 Kw, 30 Kw, 37 Kw, 45 Kw motor, a reversal pump four specifications.
Type 4 “* 5″ match 15 kw, 22 kw motor, a reversal pump two specifications.
Model 3 “* 4″ with 11 kw, 15 kw motor, a reversal pump two specifications.

The former two types of pump the seal is universal.

Reversal pump all appearance and installation dimensions and are turning pump are basic and same, just volute eliminate tube, are turning pump on the left side, reversal pump on the right (from the suction side to see)
Sand pump SB6 “* 8″ recommended for 3200 meters above drill supporting the use of sand pump SB5 “* 6″ recommended for 2500 meters below the supporting the use of the drilling rig.

SB series sand pump seal use of mechanical seal and composite seal two ways.

SB series sand pump shaft seals use grease lubrication, Bearing the oil lubrication, bearing on both ends of the bearing cover on the grease fitting, bearing can also be used grease lubrication.

SB series sand pump was in climatic conditions extremely bad northern Canada winter and the United States of Alaska for use in the summer after two years, and the results show that, in addition to the normal seal change outside, other maintenance costs very little.

SB6 * 8 sand pump (composite seal) installation, use, maintenance guidelines

Pump installation

Pump installation position near the pumping source as far as possible, so as to shorten the length of the suction period, reduce the suction loss. Pump installed base should be level, firm and reliable, in order to avoid vibration.

Coupling installation

A pump and motor longer service life depends on the elastic coupling is A better to positive. When installation, pump shaft and motor shaft error requirement for: parallel degree offset acuities were 0.25 mm, axis Angle error acuities were 0.12 mm.
B check: use the dial indicator with frame of two error value for inspection, check the two contact must be close to coupling cylindrical surface or face, and slowly rotating, the maximum difference in the two readings as error value.
C adjustment: if the inspection result out-of-tolerance, it is required to adjust to the error range, adjust the two coupling to approach, by adjusting the pump, the motor installation bolt elastic and pad iron axis adjustment, adjustable timing with straight gauge for inspection, two clearance requirement is greater than 0.39 mm.