Seven basic system of solid phase control

The solid control system refers to shale shaker, desander,desilter,vacuum degasser, mud cleaner,centrifuge, and circulating tank,according to the requirements of solid control,consisting of a set of mud cleaning system.

The seven basic system includs the following:

Seven basic system of solid phase control

1. The first system is mainly composed of a shale shaker,a desander,a desilter, and mud tank,this system is the most basic,applied to the non weighted drilling fluid, the system replies heavily on the desander and desilter.

2. The second system increase the centrifuge,we should pay attention to the centrifuge is “reverse ”device ,which is to exclusion of solid phase,the system can reduce the amount of dilution,the economy is very effective.

3. The third system increases the 2`` hydroclone,whis is used to treat the non-weighted drilling fluid.

4. The forth is basic on the third system increased a centrifuge,to treat the excreta of the 2`` hydroclone.

5. The fifth system is used in the weighted drilling fluid system, When dispersed drilling fluid after aggravating, increase the agent cost became an important part of the.

6. System six is adding a centrifuge based on system five, its main purpose is to control the viscosity, it can get rid of the colloidal particles, the reduced viscosity. Another benefit of the centrifuge is recovering heavy stone, use the fine screen mesh is very important

7. Finally, a system of two stage centrifugal system, this system is suitable for drilling fluid weighting in the processing liquid phase expensive,