Shale shaker welding technology requirements

Drilling fluid shale shaker in order to prevent welding cause internal stress , usually are not allowed in the field of screen box and any auxiliary parts for welding , If must be welded , should be operated by the skilled workers .

Shale shaker in welding is recommendded to use the following steps :

1. To prevent the crack extension , in the crack of each end drill 6 mm diameter hole .

2. With a round shovel along the crack both sides shovel out the groove.

3. First preheating 60 degree , with 3 mm diameter welding electrode , and prevent any slag inclusion or undercut phenomenon.

4. smooth sides protrusions meat welding, weld reinforcement plate.

5. If needed in the screen surface bracket beam welding , all weld should be parallel to the beam , not horizontal welding .

6. The use of alternating current welding , the sieve box should be grounded connection , to prevent current through the bearing , otherwise , is easy to cause the bearing damage .

7. Flame cutting , cutting surface surrounding also can produce stress , so the proposal of screen box on any additional hole should drill into.

Shale shaker installation screen points:

1, in the weaving drilling fluid shale shaker screen and screen bracket between, equipped with special damping rubber strip. In order to make the screen to achieve the longest service life, should make proper position in the article rubber between damage, and found that the damping rubber strip should change in time.

2, change woven mesh shaker screen, should guarantee the shale shaker screen box on both sides of the plate and the screen between the hooks equal interval, first fastening intermediate pressure flat steel, and at the same time pull tight plate keep screen surface tension equality , and the hammer tap the overall length , check the tension situation. If contact is not good, tension is not enough or not divide evenly, screen early failure of one of the important reasons.