Shear pump introduction

Introduction The JQB6545 shear pump generation is uniquely designed pump for shearing polymers and clays.

To improve the drill fluid properties, the polymers or clays should be highly sheared before adding them to the drill fluid system. If not sheared, the polymers maybe jam the strainer and will result in losing amount of polymer and increasing drilling costs, and the large-size solids in the drill fluid will harden and difficult to clear away as well.

The JQB6545 shear pump has proven best for applying the high shear necessary to hydrate polymers and clays and to their best properties. Using the JQB6545 shear pump reduces the bentonite clay needed by 33% or more and polymer needed by 15% or more.

It also improve fluid loss and filter cake, builds gel strength, and low shear rate viscosity to better hold up solids. With reliable shaft seal structure and more convenient in operation and maintenance, it comes up to advanced world standards in the same products.

Principle of operation The JQB6545 shear pump adopts a set of mechanical seal for no leakage at stuffing box. Inside pump is a 300 series stainless steel turbine containing 44 nozzles, four scoops and shear plate. Fifty percent of the fluid is sheared twice each time through the pump.

There are many principles of proper pump installation and application as well as special considerations for the pump design which, if followed, will further enhance the performance of your JQB6545 turbine shear pump.

This document will deal with both general and specific recommendations for improved JQB6545 turbine shear pump performance in both oilfield and industrial applications.


This pump can not be used on active mud system since it will shear drill solids and barite. These solids will also damage pump very quickly.