Shear pump is used to shear and mix drilling mud

Drilling fluid shear pump is mainly used for a quick concoction of high-performance mud, so that the time spent on it will be greatly shortened and economic benefits of wells increased. High performance shearing pump is the newly designed solids control equipment for fast mud configuration and processing.

Shear pump is used to shear and mix drilling mud

Working principle of shear pumps 

Fluid undergoes shear when one area of fluid travels with a different velocity relative to an adjacent area. A high-shear mixer uses a rotating impeller or high-speed rotor, or a series of such impellers or inline rotors, usually powered by an electric motor, to "work" the fluid, creating flow and shear. The tip velocity, or speed of the fluid at the outside diameter of the rotor, will be higher than the velocity at the center of the rotor, and it is this velocity difference that creates shear.

Structure of shear pumps

The shear pump is composed by impeller, volute, support, packing case, transmission shaft, pulley, combination belt and electric generator. The impeller of the shear pump is different with the water pump, the structure is more complex. It is the core part of the shear pump, with high efficiency.

Features & Benefits of Drilling Mud Shear Pump

1. Greatly enhance the hydration of the soil particles.

2. Offer larger capacity and lift to meet the demands on concoction and mud processing.

3. Make the compounds dilute,shear and hydrate in a shorter time while saving over 30% of bentonite.

4. For polymer or clay rapidly hydration provide high shear force , solving polymer (or clay ) in the drilling fluid that hydration is bad and prominent problems.