Shield Mud Cleaning System

Shield tunnelling method is a fully mechanized construction method in tunnelling construction. It is a method using shield machine to advance under the ground, shield shell and segment assembled supporting surrounding rocks to prevent the occurrence of tunnel collapse. Meanwhile, cutting device is applied to excavate in front of the excavation face, the soil were transported outside the tunnel by earthmoving machine, a jack is pressurized pushing at the back, and at the same time precast concrete segments were assembled. Thus shield tunnelling method is a mechanical construction method of tunnel structure formation.

Shield Mud Cleaning System

There are two ways of slagging when shield machine is tunnelling, mechanical and hydraulic, and hydraulic is most in common. For hydraulic shield, a sealing chamber filled with bentonite suspension is on the working surface. The bentonite suspension is used to balance earth pressure and underground water pressure, as well as the medium of conveying discharged soil. Therefore, hydraulic shield has a high requirement for mud cleaning. The shield mud cleaning system developed by Dachuan through advanced technology can fully meet the technical requirements of shield construction.

The Shield Mud Cleaning System manufactured by Dachuan has the following features:

1. The system includes mud tank, shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, jet mud mixer. This system integrated functions of stage mud cleaning, mud mixing&matching and mud transport, it can timely supply mud to the sealing chamber of excavation face to meet the demand of tunnelling construction. The technical indicators like density, viscosity and others of mud that compounded by high quality bentonite can satisfy the requirements of mud membrane formation in high permeable sand and stability of excavation surfaces.

2. This system can separate and process the mixed mud formed by sand and soil timely and then adjust the recycled mud for recovery utilization.