Solid control equipment is the guarantee of improving drilling speed

Improving drilling speed is a system engineering, expect needing strengthen organization and management work, optimizing choose drill bit and drilling parameter, ensure drilling production operate with high efficiency and coordinate, we must strengthen each technology measures in drilling process, viewing from drilling fluid solid phase control technology, the reasonable input is good for improve drilling fluid quality, decrease drilling fluid viscosity, shearing force, proportion and make drilling fluid has the lower hydrophthalmos viscosity, it can give full play to the functions of drilling fluid waterpower broken, carrying drilling cuttings and washing the bottom well, it is also the one efficient path of improver drilling speed.

The viscosity, shearing force and discretion of hydrophthalmos viscosity is related with solid phase content and disperse degree in drilling fluid, in order to ensure the performance of drilling fluid is steady and safety, successful to reach the aim of improve drilling speed, do well the decisive significance of drilling fluid solid control. So expect for reasonable inhibitor to control drilling cuttings particles in drilling fluid maintenance and disposing, do well solid phase control, decrease the solid phase in drilling fluids is the important working to improve drilling speed, decrease drilling cost and ensure the safety under well, it is one of the important working of drilling fluid technology management work.

The common using is three levels solid control equipment in oil drilling, they are drilling fluids shale shaker, desander, desilter and drilling fluid centrifuge. How to use well this equipments, give play to good function is the basic of do well the solid phase control working. According the different levels solid control equipment eliminate the different diameter solid phase particles, drilling fluids shale shaker is mainly eliminate above 74um solid phase particles, desnder can eliminate the range of particle size is 10-74um, but drilling fluid centrifuge can separate 2-5 um particles. Because shale shaker use the different mesh screen, so it can eliminate different diameter drilling cuttings.