Solid control of the whole system configuration

Solid control system is made of some solids removal equipment, drilling fluid tank and auxiliary equipment, etc. Tank system and auxiliary equipment layout method

1. The system flow

Solid control system including drilling fluid by wellhead return system cycle to drilling pump inlet of the process of the full set of facilities. System in the ground to put way have I type,] type and L three.

The head of the drilling fluid return by elevated aqueduct or tube into drilling fluid shale shaker for primary cleaning, and then a into the drilling fluid desander, desilter and drilling fluid centrifuge for the second, third and fourth classes purification, according to the foregoing, in the forth cleaning period, processed medium should be desilter bottom flow or overflow.

If the application degasser, must according to the foregoing determine the installation position, be in usually, should be based on the size of the drill and requirements of the purification level, choose the third, level 4 purification equipment.

2. System structure

Tank system solids removal equipment are placed on the tank, in order to guarantee the drilling fluid flow injection drilling fluid shale shaker, must according to the drilling fluid shale shaker feed inlet height and drill base height to determine the height of the mud tank size, but also have to drilling rig level to determine the total amount of the drilling fluid system.

3. Mud agitator

Mud agitator function is to keep drilling fluid performance is stable, so the agitator impeller discharge of the drilling fluid in the tank must be suspending solid up faster than down settling velocity and impeller diameter and speed given agitator work volume is certain. Agitator make its working space in the drilling fluid circulation stir a time is called cycle time. Cycle time is commonly 30-90 s. In the solid control system, the place such as drilling fluid shale shaker solids control unit of the drilling fluid tank need desilting, the cycle time take the maximum, and other drilling fluid storage tank and drilling pump on the tank should take a minimum, to ensure that the drilling fluid performance is stable. Usually take the cycle time for 60s as set agitator number of basis.