Solids control equipment selection and overall configuration

Drilling fluid centrifuge choice

Drilling fluid centrifuge is the last level of drilling fluid solids control equipment, mainly used to remove mud 2-10 μ m of the solid particles.

Drilling fluid centrifuge consists of two types; One is part of the flow drilling fluid centrifuge, used to increase the recovery of drilling barite, its treatment fluid for mud cyclone bottom flow; Another kind is full flow drilling fluid centrifuge, used to remove the increase of the drilling fluid solid phase, the treatment fluid mud for the overflow of the hydrocyclone. Drilling fluid centrifuge mainly in the drill deep well and ultra deep well operations use, drill in deep and shallow well when little practical significance. In use, choose suitable drilling fluid sand pump matching is very important.

Vacuum degasser choice

Vacuum degassing apparatus is used to remove gas drilling fluid of the gas, its processing capacity should be able to achieve full flow processing. Vacuum degasser must before drilling fluid shale shaker and after sand pump to processing drilling fluid. For drilling fluid containing gas, centrifugal pump will occur cavitation, cavitation erosion not only make centrifugal pump performance decline, produce the noise and vibration, shorten service life, serious worsened centrifugal pump can't work or damage.

Vacuum degasser function has two points:

One, is to guarantee the drilling fluid performance relative stability and to prevent the blowout, kick accident, to ensure safe drilling

Second, is to guarantee the hydrocyclone can work normally.

In the drilling of deep exploratory well, gas well and contain oil and gas well, must be equipped with vacuum degasser. degasser have atmospheric type and vacuum type two kinds, from gas mechanism look, when drilling fluid is mechanical agitation, vacuum suction and form thin layer turbulence two functions. And atmospheric scrubber have mechanical stirring function. From the degassing effect look, vacuum degasser is better than the atmospheric degasser.