Solution for environment pollution of drilling fluid

Good performance of the drilling fluid is one of the basic conditions of the success of drilling, but the drilling fluid is easy to be polluted by H2S, gypsum, salt and CO2 and other pollutions then deteriorate and lose efficacy, which will impact on the safety of drilling seriously and increase construction costs. Therefore, we should pay attention to the environmental protection problems, let us understand the causes of the drilling fluid pollution and the way to deal with it following:

How do drilling fluid pollute environment

1. The organic compounds in the drilling fluid can not be easily degraded in the soil, they form a layer of isolation film, which prevent soil and plant from water absorption, in addition, some organic compounds are toxic, and is harmful to the water.

2. The oil and diesel oil in the drilling fluid also do great harmful to soil, plants and water.

3. The salt and exchangeable sodium in the drilling fluid can cause soil compaction, make the plant difficult to absorb water from the soil, which is not only go against the growth of plants, but also have a considerable impact on the groundwater.

4. Cuttings in the drilling fluid can produce more or less influence on soil, plant, groundwater and water.

Solution for environment pollution of drilling fluid

How to reduce or eliminate the pollution of the surrounding environment of well drilling fluid

1.Add little or none inorganic salt, especially sodium salt and the organic polymer that not easy to degrade.

2. Use the solid free drilling fluid as far as possible, one is easy to clean the debris, the two is not need to discharge and exchange the slurry, three is the drilling fluid can be reused.

3.  Use high quality drilling fluid, so that the debris can whole deposit down in maximum possible in the circular groove, which will be easy to clean cuttings.

4. Qualified teams use the mud machine to reduce solid content and prolong the service cycle of drilling fluid.

5. Use the drilling fluid of upper well to drill soil surface.

6. Digging pit, mat plastic film, the cuttings will be filling up.

7 . Add curing agent to the finishing drilling fluid to prevent the drilling fluid from being harden, so that prevent environmental pollution.