Solutions of drilling fluid pollute environment

Good performance drilling fluid is the general condition
of drilling successful,  drilling fluid
is easy to be polluted by H2S, gypsum, saline and CO2 in drilling process and
go bad lose efficacy, serious influence the safety of drilling and increase
drilling cost. So we should value protection environment, this is the method to
solve this problems.

How to pollute the
environment of drilling fluid


There is a large of organic compounds in drilling fluid
permeate to the soil and difficult to degradation to form a layer of
quarantine, to prevent soil and plants absorb water, besides, some organic
compounds have poisonousness is bad for the living beings in water.


The engine oil, diesel in drilling fluid is poison to
soil, plants and water.


The salt and interchangeability sodion in drilling fluid
can make soil harden and plants are difficult to absorb water from soil, it is
bad for plants grow and underground water.


The drilling cuttings in drilling fluid affect soil,
plants, underground water and living beings in water.


How to decrease or stop drilling fluid pollute


We should as far
as possible or without inorganic salt, especially sodium salt and difficult to
degrade organic polymer compound.


The stratum can
use the without solid phase drilling fluid, we should as far as possible use
the without solid phase drilling fluid, it can be easy to clean the rock debris,
it not discharges and replaces the mud, otherwise the drilling fluid can


Using the high
quality drilling fluid make rock debris can sediment in the circulating tank
and convenient to clean.


If the drilling
teams can pay a desilter to decrease solid phase
content and extend the service life of drilling fluid.


Using the before
drilling fluid drill the surface soil layer.


Digging a hollow
pit and is covered the plastic film, the rock debris is landfills.


Adding the curing
agent in the completing drilling fluid and make it harden to prevent pollution