Solutions of plugging material of screw conveyor

Screw conveyor for granular, powdery and small material horizontal tilt conveyor, vertical transportation and other forms, its transmission distance from 2 meters to 70 meters of a variety of specifications, and can be produced according to customer demand. How to solve the plugging material of screw conveyor:

The necessary clean-up to enter the conveyor material, to prevent a large mixed or fibrous impurities into the machine jammed. Install bin level and jam sensor, automatic control and alarm. To increase the discharge port or extended groove end, in order to solve the discharge is not smooth or not discharging problem. At the same time, also can be installed on the end of a short slot counter rotating blades at the feed inlet, to prevent the end of the plugging material.

A block valve in the discharge end cover. Jam occurs, because the material accumulation, open top anti blocking the door, with the switch to cut off power supply through the stroke. The horizontal dimension as far as possible to narrow the middle hanging bearing, in order to reduce the material through the intermediate bearing plugging may. The reasonable selection of the technical parameters, such as the slow speed can not be too large. Strictly execute the operating rules, do no load starting, no parking; to ensure the continuous feeding average.