Something about Mud cleaner

It is composed of a liquid inlet outlet pipe and cyclone composition. Hydrocyclone is composed of an upper cover, the upper cone, cone through the flange, clamps are connected as a whole, the bottom is a flower cap type low flow sand outlet. The cyclone overflow pipe and the liquid inlet pipe, a liquid outlet pipe communicated through the fastening clamps. Underflow is adjustable,which can be replaced according to the regulation of proper drilling fluid containing sand content of the. Adjusting underflow, only need to adjust the cap screw, replacing the underflow sand outlet, then the adjustment can be caps screwed on. Desander both sides is provided with a liquid inlet, choose one, another with a blind flange sealing cover.

How is it working? It is in the drilling fluid pressure range, through the liquid inlet pipe, the inner wall of the mouth of mud along the cyclone tangentially into the cyclone cylinder body and high speed downward spiral rotation, produce huge centrifugal force field, light drilling fluid increased from the area of low pressure spiral center, from the overflow port into the drilling fluid circulating tank, effect of solid particles the heavier under the centrifugal force was thrown to the cylinder wall, in the drilling fluid swivel downwards thrust and gravity wall along the spiral cyclone sinking, discharged from the underflow and flow to the screen surface, through the vibration sieve screening, drilling fluid and solid particles are separated, so as to purify the drilling fluid effect of.