Standard Construction of ZJ40 Drilling Rig Mud System

In oil & gas drilling, every under-working drilling rig has a supporting mud cleaning system, its equipments component varies with the depth of drilling.

Standard Construction of ZJ40 Drilling Rig Mud System

Drilling fluid in the drilling process have the main functions of bottom hole cleaning, drill cuttings carrying, balancing (controlling) formation pressure, cooling and lubricating drilling bit and drill string, etc. The main function of drilling fluid circulating system is to achieve drilling fluid solids control. The so-called drilling fluid solids control is removal of harmful solid phase, saving useful solid phase, or control the general solid amount and grain size distribution in the required range, so as to meet the requirements of drilling technology on drilling fluid properties. Usually the drilling fluid control referred to as solid control, also known as mud cleaning.

ZJ40 Drilling Rig Mud System Equipments List Designed by Dachuan Solids Control

1. 3 sets of mud tank, 12m×2. 3m×2. 1m;

2. 1 set of manifolds, valves, walkways, guard rails, stairs, etc;

3. 2 sets of shale shakers, DCS603;

4. 1 set of vacuum degasser, ZCQ240;

5. 1 set of mud cleaner, ZQJ250×2/100×10;

6. 1 set of decanter centrifuge, LW450×842N;

7. 1 set of feeding pump, SB4×3-12;

8. 2 sets of centrifugal pump, SB8×6-13;

9. 2 sets of jet mud mixer, SLH150-50;

10. 6 sets of mud agitators, JBQ11kW;

11. 8 sets of mud gun, NJQ50-2;

12. 1 set of electric control system.

Standard Construction of ZJ40 Drilling Rig Mud System

Advantage of ZJ40 mud system manufactured by Dachuan Solids Control

1. Each tank with containner point that easy for fast moving;

2. 2 shaker and 1 mud cleaner on 1 skid for fast moving;

3. Mud agitators and other equipments will stay on tank for fast moving;

4. Walkway and handrail folded on tank for fast moving;

5. Choose the Balance eliptical motion shale shaker for better performance;

6. Over 130 nos lug type valve is used in this mud system for convenient control;

7. More complicated pipeline arrangement for easy operation;

8. Different of tank compartment for mixing different mud or material.

9. Certified explosion-proof electric control system suitable for inflammable and explosive drilling jobsite conditions.

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