Structure and working principle of shear pump in solid control equipment

The shear pump is composed of an impeller, a vortex shell, Pan Genhe, a transmission shaft, a belt pulley, a triangle belt, a motor and a bearing.

Shear pump impeller is different from the general pump impeller, the structure is more complex. It is the core part of the shear pump, which has a very high cutting efficiency. The impeller is composed of five parts: the axial flow turbine, the reservoir, the pump wheel, the plenum chamber and the shear plate. Axial flow turbine, pump wheel, storage tank with stainless steel precision casting into a whole, the structure is very compact.

Structure and working principle of shear pump in solid control equipment

The axial flow turbine is a fluid with a certain displacement and ability for the pump and the storage tank. The fluid flow through the pump wheel is discharged into the vortex shell, and the 50% is absorbed by the reservoir. The unique design of the pressurized tank, so that the fluid in the reservoir has a certain energy. The fluid flowing through the pump wheel is parallel to the shear plate flow and has a high flow rate.

Fluid flow through the reservoir fluid, vertical to the shear plate, through 44 nozzles. The fluid mixed with the pump wheel is mixed with a higher flow rate, and the high speed rotation of the shear plate is serrated, and the fluid is cut again. Therefore, the fluid flowing through the impeller, subjected to multiple shear.

Shear pump seal with a very reliable mechanical seal, to ensure no leakage. The pump is equipped with a stainless steel turbine and a shear plate, which can produce a small end shear (liquid shear) of more than 25.4m/s, and a half (50%) of liquid flow through a shear pump will be cut two times in the turbine chamber. The turbine is mounted on a special base and is driven by a belt pulley, a narrow V belt and an 55KW/75kw explosion-proof motor, and a mixing hopper with a size suitable for use with the shear pump is composed of a perfect shear and hydration system. Due to the improvement of the pump, which greatly improve the life.