Structure Features and Maintenance of Vacuum Degasser

Structure Features 

● Vacuum degasser uses pumping of vacuum pump to make the mud enter into vacuum tank and makes gases extracted out of vacuum tank. In this case, vacuum pump has two different functions.

● Water-ring vacuum pump is appropriate for pumping those flammable and explosive gasses cause it is always under an isothermal state with reliable and safe performance while operated.

Structure Features and Maintenance of Vacuum Degasser

● The mud sprays towards surrounding walls at a high speed through windows of the rotor. Bubbles in the mud break up thoroughly so the degassing effect is satisfactory.

● Main motor of the vacuum degasser is partially placed, which makes the gravity center of complete machine lower.

● The belt drive is applied in vacuum degasser, thus avoiding complication of the retarding mechanism.

● Application of the gas-water separator in the vacuum degasser will not cause the problem that water and gas are discharged out of the machine simultaneously, making the exhaust pipe unblocked all along.


● Proportion of water and gas should be noticed during adjustment so as to ensure unobstructed dewatering. There should not be waterlogging in the secondary cooler, otherwise there will be scale formation in the cooler after long-time operation, which will exert an influence on the normal operation of the vacuum degasser.

● Timely dredging for air inlet, water outlet as well as draining line is necessary. Dramatic decline of the vacuum degree and significant deterioration of the decarburization may result from air leakage of the system. At this time, the operator should switch to the alternate tower in a timely manner and find the leaking source by means of water-filling pressure test so as to prevent the problem from further deterioration. Moreover, normal liquid level of the vacuum degasser should be maintained in order not to result in overflow phenomena.