Summary and process flow of Solids control system

Summary of solids control system

On the basis of compositing the advantage of solid control cycle system at home and abroad, the solid control cycle system is a new type product which is designed by combining the practical demand of the well drilling craft.

It constituted by five level treating plants: shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter and centrifuge. It can realize the store and mix of drilling fluid, remove the harmful solid phase, maintain the performance of drilling fluid, content the demand in the special situation of cycle, weight added, shear and trouble removal, and can increase the efficiency and safety of well drilling task effectively. It is convenient to transport by highway and railway, and it can be moved in the well site at a short distance.

The optimization match of the solid control equipment is very important, the one to five level of thruput should be matched each other, and the interval of separation size should be appropriate and have a certain overlap, and the smaller particles which are not disposed by the upper can be disposed in the next level.

The purification cycle process of drilling fluid

The mud which is reversed out from the wellhead can be transported to every drilling fluid shale shaker respectively or meanwhile, and enter into sink sand warehouse after disposing by shale shaker. The mud which overflowed from the sink sand warehouse enter into the desanding warehouse through the mud tank (if meeting the gas cut, it can start the vacuum degasser, and inhale mud from the degassing warehouse, and enter into the desanding warehouse after degassing).
The mud will enter into desiltering warehouse after be disposed by desander. The mud disposed by desilter enter into drilling fluid centrifugal bin through the mud tank, the mud disposed by centrifugal enter into inhalation warehouse through the mud tank, and the well drilling pumps make the mud into downhole repeatedly for using circularly.

The well drilling solid control cycle system is the obbligato important constituent part in the modern well drilling equipments. It can content the normal cycle and stable property of the mud in the drilling process. Under the premise of safety, environmental protection, efficiency to ensure the task of well drilling,