Supply high quality Shale shaker screen

Shale shaker screens are important spare part for shale shaker. As we know, there are many shale shakers all over the world. However, the famous and excellent are fewer, such as Derrick, NOV Brandt, FSI, Kem-Tron, DFE, MI-Swaco, Scomi, etc.

According to different way, there will be differential types. Subject to the appearance, there will be flat type (PWP) and pyramid (PMD) screens, as per tensioning system there is soft and hard hook stripped and polyurethane wedge clamping screen.

Furthermore, shaker screens also divided into single layer, two layers and three layers screens. Then, subject to shale shaker screen mesh size including common mesh screen, fine screen, super find screens.

Shaker screens are wearing parts for drilling fluid shaker, which is widely used in various well drilling. Including HDD, water well drilling, petroleum drilling, etc.

The API standard shaker screens have following specifications. The cut point is according to D100 from ASTM filtration test, etc. API shaker screen also have requirements on conductance and non-blanked area.

API sized shaker screen are all high performance, excellent filtration efficiency, and high quality on service life. The API size gives us one standard requirement. Such as, API100 means D100 cut point is about 137.5~165 microns. That means solids go down is about 137.5-165μ via shaker screens, then the screens mesh will be API100.

The API mesh size will lead drilling fluid shaker screen a standard and give clients optimal solutions. Of course, different shaker screen producer and different brand drilling fluid shaker screen will have different features on same API mesh size.

DC Machinery is a professional manufacturer of mud system equipment. When you order our screens, you can tell us the shale shaker brand and model, the appearance, the clamping type, the mesh size or API number as we talked before. Anyhow, more information you give us more optimal and correct quote will be offered to you.