The actual effect of drilling fluid hydrocyclone

Hydrocyclone is a kind of simple and easy to maintain separation equipment. Separation is according the inlet energy is exchanged the cone internal centrifugal to realize. Centrifugal act on drilling fluid, make drilling cuttings and other solid phase rapid separation, this is follow stoke's law. When drilling in some formation, because produce the too fine drilling cuttings, drilling fluid shale shaker can’t screen this part of drilling cuttings, it must depend on hydrocyclone remove this part. This time, drilling fluid shale shaker prevent the big size particles enter into hydrocyclone cause jams.

The best separation effect of hydrocyclone is the smallest liquid loss and obtain the maximum drilling cuttings, the big particles is removed from the bottom flow month, small and light particles are removed from overflow month. The biggest influent to hydrocyclone is the cone drum diameter, cone angle, bottom flow month diameter, inlet mud pressure, inlet mud viscosity.

Compared with drilling fluid shale shaker and centrifuge, hydrocyclone emission belongs wet discharge, it depends on the bottom flow density can’t good show the working condition of hydrocyclone, because the fine particles including more liquid, the last drilling fluid density is lower than coarse particles. Following the increase of solid phase composition, the separation efficiency of hydrocyclone gradually reducing, but the separable particle size is increase.

Compared with other solid control equipments
Device compact, the structure is simple, the price is low, don’t have moving parts.
Throughput is big, separation range is big.
Adjusting and operation is easy, it is easy to maintain.
The ability of separation is strong, in some cases, it can obtain the more fine overflow and the higher separation efficiency. Its efficiency is 60%, in some cases, it can reach 80%-90%.
Compared with other solid control equipments
The power consumption big, some desilter equipped power is 55-75kw.
When the feeding mud viscosity, solid phase consistence and the particle composition are changed, the separation size and effect of hydrocyclone are changed.
The working condition of centrifugal pump is influence to hydrocyclone.
It can’t do supper fine separate, it can’t dispose the flocculating substance.