The correct operation of centrifuge

Using centrifuge process drilling fluid, if used correctly, the economic benefit is very good.
To give you a detailed introduced about correctly sue centrifuge.

The maintain methods

Usually, the normal time of drilling fluid centrifuge is 10-80s, general for 20s.

In the practical use, the throughput of centrifuge is expressed by feedrate. The feedrate is decided by two factors: The separable solid phase volume content or free fluid and colloid content. Centrifuge discharge fluid or sediment ability. To the low solid phase content drilling fluid, the feedrate of centrifuge is limited by liquid discharge capacity, to high solid phase content drilling fluid, the feedrate of centrifuge is limited by flush off ability.

The diluents and drilling fluid all should be weigh, in order to the drilling fluid has the proper viscosity, obtain the good separation effect.

The adjustment of drum speed, should operate by experienced operator, strive to the best effect, prevent the excessive load damage the gears.

Before start the centrifuge, because the fluid, solid phase particles in the machine can’t be exhausted all and sink to one side, when start unbalanced quality will cause vibrate or the spiral impeller is locked.

Operation matters needing attention when not install the belt cover, we can’t start centrifuge.

Before start the machine, using hand spin the drum to ensure it can free rotation.

Before start centrifuge, we should open the injection pump or injection the diluents.

If it has the abnormal noise or vibration, it can’t be used continue.

The centrifuge can’t be excessive feed liquid, avoiding the condition of chock up.

The aggravated high viscosity drilling fluid need the low feeding speed and the high dilute speed.

When shutdown, we should cut off the injected drilling fluid, then stop dilution, finally turned off.