The development of centrifugal pump and mud agitator

The development of
centrifugal pump

power consumption of centrifugal pump is the
biggest equipment, it is also the power source of desander, deserter,
hydrocyclone mixed device. According recent years to research appear some

The structure
is the semi-closed type impeller introduced from American designed into seal
type impeller, pump casing by the introduction of circular structure
development as the spiral case structure.

In order to
solve the reliability of pump shaft, more and more centrifugal pump dynamic
seal. Leakage problem has already solved but it consumes much electric power.

We are
exploring the wearing resistance method in material and use. 

The development of mud

Mud agitator is
very important equipment which is installed in the circulating tank. It can’t
stop if it starts operation to ensure the uniformity of drilling fluid and the
normal working of centrifuge. The beginning used mud agitator is also the
chemical system’s equipment, it don’t consider the characteristics of drilling
and drilling fluid.

Our country is according
recent years efforts, from the stage of imitation surveying and mapping develop
to we develop new structure and develop out the impeller can be adjusted. The
impeller of radial and axial is installed in the same time; some kinds of
agitator of the fuselage rocks. Some new structure agitators have already
solved the leakage problem.