The Development Status and Level of Foreign Shale Shaker

The Development Status and Level of Foreign Shale Shaker

Characteristics of modern shale shaker are high excited force, balanced motion, fine mesh, multilayer screen and large processing capacity, it develops towards energy-saving and environmental friendly, its low energy consumption and low noise mainly reflected in the following aspects:

a. Develops more than 200 mesh ultra-fine, high strength, large handling area screens;

b. Diversified, modular and instant adjustable vibration screen box;

c. To minimize maintenance or maintenance free, hydraulic or pneumatic when replacing or clamping screen or adjust  screen angle and other components;

d. Develop a set of desander, desilter in one multi-functional shale shaker;

e. Beginning to support the use with the drilling fluid automated data collection, detection and processing system.

Currently, foreign shale shakers are mostly American made which have a high level in production and processing, package selection, use and maintenance, etc. Their good comprehensive mechanical properties makes them a leading position in shale shaker application. Foreign shale shakers are mainly produced by DERRICK , BRANDT , SWACO and other companies.

In recent years many improved researches have been made in overseas, characterized mainly as:

a. Adopt screen box seat with adjustable screen slope, segmented and multi-angle installation of  screens, increase the efficiency and handling capacity of screens as far as possible;

b. Using mechanical pressing method to produce multilayer stacked screens, especially 3D wave shape screen technology which can make screen area increased 50%-125% than flat screens; 

c. Adopt ultra fine screens more than 200 mesh;

d. Using explosion-proof type vibration motor as vibration exciter, sealed bearing lubrication system, inertial force excitation is 1. 5- 1. 7 times than  conventional vibrator.