The Drill drying equipment commonly used in drilling waste treatment system

Treatment of drilling waste, is produces in the process of drilling drilling for the treatment and recycling of solid phase, and ultimately achieve the national and regional environmental emission standards,which can effectively avoid the pollution of the environment,but also can save drilling fluid material and reduce the cost of drilling fluid.At present, method and equipment of drilling waste treatment is various in style, the treatment effect is also different,but Chinese every large domestic and international drilling site situation,most important and most widely used method of drilling waste treatment is removal of dry drilling waste.

The Drill drying equipment commonly used in drilling waste treatment system

Drilling waste dry  refers to the drilling waste dry off by the special equipment, the water content in oil drilling waste, reduce, so that the drilling waste must reach the emission standard, commonly used drilling waste removal of key equipment in the process has the following two:

1 Vertical drilling cutting dryer

The DCTLL-A vertical drilling machine is a kind of equipment for centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the machine to achieve solid-liquid mixture separation. Strong applicability, low moisture products, stable work, convenient repair, long service life, can the effective recovery of drilling fluid in the chip, is the waste treatment in dry drilling, drilling fluid recovery especially preferred equipment for oil based drilling fluid.

2 Hi-G Dry Shaker

Oil based and synthetic based drilling waste water, dry de applies equally to the recovery of drilling cuttings in the dry vibrating screen, and can according to the site conditions, the selection and configuration of different dry vibration sieve number.

The Hi-G Dry Shaker is a kind of linear vibrating screen, vibrating screen and used for the adsorption of recovery of hydrocyclone excluded drilling mud in drilling waste treatment process on the one hand, can effectively reduce the mud waste, thereby reducing drilling cost; on the other hand the drilling fluid / oil ratio was reduced to about 10% with chip in, which can reduce the pollution of the environment.