The effective process of drilling fluid circulating

Drilling fluid solid phase control is short for solid control, it mainly removes the harmful solid phase in drilling fluid, according scientific arrange solid control equipment, form reasonable, high efficiency solid control process, it can remove the harmful solid phase and retain the useful solid phase, meet the requirements of drilling technology to the performance of drilling fluid.

New drilling fluid solid control system use the five level solid control system.
The first level solid control ---- eliminate the big particles.
The drilling fluid through the bottom well is returned with a lot of big drilling cuttings, drilling fluid through the well month to the tank nozzle, then enter into shale shaker, according shale shaker screening the particles which is bigger than 74um, completing the first level solid control.
The second level solid control---eliminate gas.
Degasser is the special equipment to eliminate the gas which is invaded drilling fluid. It can rapid and efficiency eliminate the gas in drilling fluid, degasser is important to recover drilling fluid density, prevent blowout and well collapse.
The third level solid control---eliminate the bigger particles.
Drilling fluid is processed by shale shaker enter into the desander, the desander separate the big particles from drilling fluid, completing the process of desanding.
The fourth solid control---eliminate small particles.
The drilling fluid is processed by degasser enter into the desilter, the desilter separate the particles about 44um-74um, completing the desilting process.
The fifth solid control---eliminate the small particles.
The drilling fluid is processed b y desilter enter into the centrifuge, the centrifuge separate out of the particles which diameter is about 2um-8um, completing the centrifugal process.
The fifth solid control is mainly used in complex and demanding well condition, in the actual use, we can according the requirements of drilling work, use the one or serve solid control equipment. The solid phase content is processed by the five level can completely reach the requirements of domestic drilling work to drilling fluid quality.