The formula of drilling fluid

The material of drilling fluid

The materials are used to compound drilling fluid is called drilling fluid material, it includes raw material and treating agent.

Drilling fluid raw material is refer to the basic component in drilling fluid, following the development of drilling technical, the varieties of treating agent is increasing.

Drilling fluid liquid is the circulation fluid in spiral drilling, because most of use fluid, a few use gas or foams, so is also called “drilling fluid”. The main function of drilling fluid in drilling process is washing the bottom well, carrying rock debris, cooling and lubrication drilling head and drilling string, forming the mud cake, protecting the wall of well, control and balance the layer pressure, suspension rock debris and aggravate agent, remove the rock debris on the ground, providing the pertinent date about the strata and ect.

The main basis of drilling fluid: water and fresh water, saline, salt water and saturated salt water, bentonite, sodium bentonite, calcium bentonite, organic soil or resistance salt soil, chemical treating agent inorganic, organic, surfactant class, high polymer class or biopolymer class, oil, light oil or crude, air, natural gas. Because this composition formative the different dispersion system in all kinds of drilling fluid, so the function is different.