The lubrication and maintenance of main components of sand pump

The sand pump
is mainly composed of a pump casing, impeller, pump shaft, wear resistant plate,
seal device, bearing, bearing chock, coupling machine, motor and the base.
Combined sealing device is mainly composed of mechanical packing, sealing box,
packing sleeve, compression bolts, wear-resisting shaft sleeve etc..

The lubrication
of sand pump bearing

1. The
bearing lubrication use No. 30 engine oil, lubricating oil should be added to
the centerline of the oil leveler.

2. In
special circumstances, the bearing can be lubricated with lubricating grease
that  compatible with lubricating oil.

Lubrication of
composite seal packing chamber of sand pump.

1. The composite
seal packing cavity must be lubricated regularly, in order to prevent the
packing heat and damage, the general requirements is once a day.

2. You must
rotate the pump shaft when inpouring grease, to make it fully into the packing cavity until there are grease
exudation at the end of the packing gland.

The lubrication and maintenance of main components of sand pump

The daily
maintenance of the centrifugal pump

1. For the
new pump or the new mechanical seal, sealing effect mainly relys on
mechanical seal, so the packing sleeve must remain relaxed state, so as to
avoid the fever and premature wear of the wear-resistant sleeves.

2. When the sand
pump has worked for about a year, the mechanical seal does not work any more, then
required by the packing seal, through bolts to press the packing case tightly
to 2 to 7 drops per minute leaks as well; when the packing set cannot be
adjusted timely to add a packing.

3. When the wear
layers of shaft surface are worn out,  we
should replace of mechanical seals and wear sleeves timely.