The stock of 500GPM Mud cleaning system discount sales

Compact design of 500GPM Mud cleaning system was warmly received by many fields, like HDD, CBM etc. At present DC Solid control has a whole set of 500GPM solid control system for a big discount. If you have urgently requirements, please contact us. The mud cleaning system main includes:

1. A double deck linear motion mud cleaner with 1x8" desander cones, 6x4" desilter cones.

2. Centrifugal pump, 15KW, for feeding desander cone and desilter cone, 2EA

3. Mud mixer for drilling fluid preparing also matched a 15kw centrifugal pump

4. Skid mud tank, dimension 4000×2200×1800. Standard container size, 1EA.

Features of the mud cleaning system:

1. The electric parts of the compact 500gpm mud cleaning system is explosion-proof with IECE certification.

2. Paint is America famous brand SIGMA. Sanding blasing before paint, anti-rust rating to Sa2.5, then 100um epoxy zinc rich primer+ 120um intermediate paint+ 100um Polyurethane top.

3. Mud tank is designed and manufactured according to Q/HFD 005-2005 standard. The anti-corrosion of oil tank is according to CNCIA-HG/T0001-2006 Standard.

In addition to integrate above advantages of the mud cleaning system, meanwhile we have a big discountin view of new and old customers. If you have interest or have requirements now or near future, please don't hesitate to contact us. This system is the most cost-effective that you will choosing.