The structure and main functions of mud agitator

The structure of mud agitator

The structure of mud agitator is made of explosion-proof electric machine, reducer, engine base and impeller, electrical machine and reducer, reducer and wave wheel are connected with solid coupling. Impeller is made of four blades welded, impeller can make agitating fluid produce vortex motion and improve the agitating effect. The tray is sandwiched middle of impeller can prevent solid phase particles sediment to around of the bottom impeller after stop machine. It can decrease the moment of resistance of the precipitate to impeller and avoid starting overload burnout electrical machine. Using the reducer and explosion –proof electric machine combine d mud agitator has the advantages of maintenance is convenient and adapts field and bad working condition. Agitating intensity is strong, the range of spread is wide and decrease the starting resistance moment.

The function of mud agitator

Mud agitator is mainly agitate and mix drilling fluids to prevent drilling fluid solid phase particles sediment to the tank circulating system. Making the performance of drilling fluid is steady and mixing uniformity. In order to keep drilling fluid uniformity and make solid phase particles suspension, the circulating big tank need be installed agitator. Agitator has the functions of acceleration drilling fluid material(bentonite, barite), the reaction of chemical addition agent, dissolve and wetting. Agitator increases the contacting area of each interfaces make the two phases interact with each other in a high speed.

Mud agitator is a kind of solid phase system which is in order to keep drilling fluid uniformity and make it suspension. Drilling cuttings is the main part of harmful solid phase. In order to eliminate harmful solid phase, it must be suspended and is injected to desander, desilter, and centrifuge. Useful solid phase, such as all kinds of aggravating materials (hematite, barite powder) and a small amount of bentonite all need be uniformity suspension to make the density and keep the performance of drilling fluid are stability. Se we need drilling fluid mud agitator can reliably and continuous working and avoid solid phase has sediment.