The structure of centrifugal pump

The structure of impellers

The perfusion of DSWBcentrifugalpump and drilling pump all use the half opening impeller. A large number of sites using show that: The easyest parts to wearing is the impeller exit of half opening impeller. Because the exit of closed impeller have the high strength, the wear is even; as well as when the clearance of inhaled the side cover plate and the front is increase, the pump is more stability. So the DWSB centrifugal pump adopts the closed impeller.

The structure of the pump shell

The round shell pump of 125*150( the export diameter is 125mm, the import diameter is 150mm), use the 305mm impeller can obtain the setting off lift is 53.34m, while, the volute casing pump get the same liftneed the impeller of 340mm. More importan is that the transportation of the two efficiency if different.

The structure of shaft

Because the seal liquid have alot of abrasive resistance solid phase particles in the centrifugal pump, so the possibility of let out and the seal life are under the common centrifugal pump. The sucessful of the two seal structure in field applicatiopn is flexible graohite, carbon fiber packing seal and power shaft seal.


The DCSB sand pump is widely used in the supply and transportation of mud in the drillingfluid system, like the desander and desilter, decanting centrifuge, and can be used as the priming pump and replenishment pump, and also to be used in chemical industry, oil refining, traversing, coal mining, and construction, etc.


DCSB sand pump is special for the drilling fluid, impeller is designed with thepassageway. The wide passageway and smooth streamline blade increase the open area to ensure a unhindered mud flow, make the sand pump more effective and energy-efficient. Pump case is with the efficient runner type line, to decrease the turbulent flow. All the parts weremade by wear-resisting casting iron, oppose the attrition and corrosion.

Compared with the general pumps, the DCSB sand pump is with the marked characteristic of good performance, huge mud flow, thermostability, long-life time, easy maintenance, higheffective, energy conservation.