Types of liquid gas separator

Three types of liquid gas separator separators are generally available from manufacturers; vertical, horizontal, and spherical separators. Horizontal separtors are further classified into two categories; single tube and double tube. Each type of separator has specific advantages and limitations. Selection of separator type is based on several factors including characteristics of production system to be treated, floor space availability at the facility site, transportation and cost.

Types of liquid gas separator

Vertical liquid gas separator

The inlet diverter baffle is a centrifugal inlet device making the incoming stream spin around. This action forces the liquid droplets to stay together and fall to the bottom of the separator along the separator wall due to gravity.

Vertical separators are often used to treat low to inter mediate gas-oil ration well stream with relatively large slugs of liquid. They handle greater slugs of liquid without carryover to the gas outlet, and the action of the liquid level control is not as critical.

Types of liquid gas separator

Horizontal liquid gas separators

In horizontal separator, gas flows horizontally while liquid droplets fall toward the liquid surface. The moisture gas flows in the baffle surface and forms a liquid film that is drained away to the liquid section of the separator. The baffles need to be longer than the distance of liquid trajectory travel. The liquid-level control placement is more critical in a horizontal separator than in a vertical separator because of limited surge space.

Horizontal separators are usually the first choice because of their low costs. They are almost widely used for high gas-oil ratio well stream, foaming well streams, or liquid-from-liquid separaton. They have much greater gas-liquid interface because of a large, long, baffled gas-separation section. Horizontal separators are easier to skid-mount and service and require less piping for field connections. Individual separators to minimize space requirements.