Vacuum degassing used in oilfield

Vacuum degassing is the process of removing dissolved gas from a liquid solution by lowering the pressure inside a vessel containing the solution. The reduced pressure inside the vessel causes the gas to become less soluble and separate from the liquefied material. After the vacuum degassing process is complete, the gas is removed from the vessel, and the pressure is returned to normal. This process is typically performed in a specially designed chamber known as a vacuum degasser. Vacuum degassing is often utilized in water treatment, laboratory testing, and soil purification procedures.

Simple vacuum degassing procedures are performed on many kinds of liquefied substances including molten steel. Air and other gasses are typically removed from a liquid material to enhance its purity or solid-state strength. During the pressure-lowering process, air and gasses in the containment vessel are typically drawn out by means of a siphon and dispersed into the atmosphere. This process is also utilized for analyzing a material under controlled conditions. These conditions may include air pressure, temperature, humidity, and altitude as well as electromagnetic and microwave radiation.

ZCQ Vacuum degasser produced by DC from China is vertical type. DC vacuum degasser is compact, fresh style. Actually, vacuum degasser always set behind shale shaker. It can be used as large mud agitator at the same time. The internal impellers of vacuum degasser will mix the drilling fluid and break the bubble. Vacuum degasser will keep drilling fluid density, viscosity and weight. Get rid of small part of harmful invaded gas, such as H2S. DC will give you professional solutions at economical cost.