VFD Drilling fluid decanter centrifuge in China

In order to make drilling fluid decanter centrifuge parameter can automatic adjustment according to the drilling stratum, depth well and drilling technology changed, developed the VFD control speed closed-loop control system which basic on the main electric current to be as the control signal.


Field application shows that: drilling fluid centrifuge matched frequency contrpl speed closed-loop control system can use the different drilling fluid viscosity and density according to drilling technology physical condition.

VFD Drilling fluid decanter centrifuge in China

Using centrifuge main electric current signal, automatic adjustment feeding pump displacement and high speed centrifuge actual parameter to realize drilling fluid centrifuge closed-loop control, ensure the deslagging quantity and centrifuge handing capacity always be in the maximum condition.

Drilling fluid centrifuge frequency control closed-loop control system parameter can be automatic adjustment and realize self-protection, also can efficiency avoid centrifuge overload and blocking, improve the reliability of centrifuge operation, decrease the unnecessary economic loss because of sudden failure.

After using frequency control speed closed-loop centrifuge can automatic and manual adjust centrifuge rotary speed, make it can be as the middle speed centrifuge(1000-2000r/min), also can as the high speed centrifuge( 2000-3000r/min) it also can according to drilling technology requirements efficiency control drilling fluid solid phase content and improve drilling fluid solid phase control level.