Vulnerable components of solid control system

Solid control system is made up of many equipment. Solid control development tendency is very steady in China, because solid control equipment is a very important part in petroleum drilling solid phase system. Solid control equipment is widely used in many drilling fields, so it is hard to avoid the fault.

Vulnerable components of solid control system

The vulnerable component of shale shakers 

The reason why shale shakers have mud running phenomena is the drilling fluid flow is greater than the shale shaker basic flow, and with the drilling fluid with high viscosity. Screen mesh is too fine or screen blocked to influence drilling fluid leaks. Or don't clean the screen at once when stop drill, and the dry drilling fluid paste the screen.

The vulnerable component of desander and desilte

Desander and desilter hydrocyclone unit will be blocked sometimes, the reason is using the unreasonable shaker screen, or the desander and desilter pump suction line don't equipped the filter screen, big solid phase enter into the hydrocyclone to block it. So we must ensure the installation location is reasonable and component is complete.

The vulnerable component of mud agitator 

Mud agitator is a quick-wear part in the solid control system. The reason why is the agitator agitates the high density, viscosity drilling fluid to make the agitating efficiency is decreased, and can't continuous operation. If there is no maintenance, lubrication timely and unreasonable installation will cause agitator damaged. So correctly operate methods exchange the normal using efficiency.