What advantage for mine centrifuge ?

Horizontal decanting centrifuge used on mine are different from the oil&gas decanting centrifuge , what advantages of mining decanting centrifuge?

[1]By internal cylindrical cone bowl and screw propeller and the differential form, under the action of centrifugal force, can be 24 hours continuous dehydration of sludge.

[2]Screw propeller adopts special structure design, increases the internal spiral extrusion force, made mud moisture content is greatly reduced, ensures the constant dryness of the mud . And discharge conditions can be improved by spiral structure, guarantee the discharge smoothly, not plugging material, in the operation of the dehydration can adapt to all kinds of ingredients.

[3]starting machine without watering, easy install and use, saving industrial water .

[4]Adopts double frequency automatic control, start gently, bowl rotation speed with separation factor stepless adjustable , differential adjustable range is big, can meet the liquid handling of different solid content, significantly improve the processing ability, auxiliary inverter current feedback to the main converter, energy-saving effect is remarkable.

[5]Under the working speed implementation of machines and water dynamic balancing correction, ensure the machine in the working status of balance, noise reduction, sound pressure level should be no greater than 80 db (A), improve the service life of the machine.

[6]This machine has reliable sealing performance of the machine, rotating part protective cover.

[7]Cover an small area , compact structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance.

[8]Continuous work, large processing capacity, excellent separation effect .

[9]The centrifuge small vibration, low noise, strong bearing capacity. The centrifuge main bearing adopts NSK bearings, high precision, strong bearing capacity.

[10]The centrifuge differential system is reliable in performance. The centrifuge differential adopts planetary gear differential, the maximum torque 10 KNM, with mechanical overload protection device, differential system with high precision, good performance, reliable operation.

[11]Lubrication system: differential 18 # double gear oil. Within the main bearing and the bearing adopts shell heat resistance high lithium base grease lubrication.