what is the work procedure of mud jet mixer?

As a new type of mixer, Jet mud mixer consists of feeding hopper, butterfly valve,mixing barrel, floe meter, vortex volute and large displacement of  centrifugal pump.

The working process of the jet mud mixer:

The sand pump pumps the liquid that need to be mixed into the swirl volute along the tangential direction, high-speed rotation liquid in the volute creates a vacuum which inhales the mixed materials and then enter into the mixed tank after being blended with the high –speed rotation liquid. High –speed rotating liquid flow will blend the materials with the fluid fully in the inner cavity of the mixing barrel, after that they go into the outer cavity of the mixing barrel of the swirl mud mixer and then discharged along tangent direction, then the mixing process of a periodic cycle is completed.

what is the work procedure of mud jet mixer?

The jet mud mixer has the following characteristics:

Long effevtive mixing time and better mixing effect; the feeding caliber is large so it is not easy to be blocked, the feeding speend of the jet mud mixer is fast and it has strong adastability fo materials. It has the wide application and will not extend the time to stop so that the phenomenon of solid phase deposition will not occur.