Where to buy sand pump

Sand pump is the transportation equipment in oil and nature gas drilling fluid purification system, it is the obbligato solid control equipment. Because the working medium of sand pump is drilling fluid, when the shaft seal of sand pump is leakage, it not only led to the efficiency of pump is decrease and waste the drilling fluid but also pollute the environment. So the problem of shaft seal is the main factor to influence the quality of the sand pump.

Where to buy sand pump


Compared with common seal, the composite seal has two stage seal, so decrease the seal pressure of packing. Efficiently improve the working condition, decrease the wearing and increase the service life.

There is a points oil ring in the middle of the stuffing box, then decrease the shaft and packing for friction caused by the heat, decrease the cost and improve the efficiency of pump.

So composite seal has the advantages of packing seal and centrifugal seal, the shaft seal don’t has leakage, service life is long, maintenance is less and easy to maintain, it can adapt to the demand of the market.

SB series centrifugal pump produced by DC Solid control is the ideal equipment to provide impetus for Desander, Desilter and Jet Mud Mixer for solids control equipment . Centrifugal pump is also called sand pump. DC produce the pump with reliability, heat-resistant, large flow, long life, low- energy consumption, easy maintenance and other advantages .