Which parts of centrifugal pumps should we inspect normaly

Drilling fluid sand pump is the feeding power in the whold solid control system. It has plays different role if we place them in different locations. But what spare parts or mechanical part should we inspect during normal usage.

Impeller: Replace if impeller shows excessive erosion (especially on the pump-out vanes on the back of the impeller), corrosion, extreme wear, or vane breakage.

Which parts of centrifugal pumps should we inspect normaly

Shaft: Check for runout to see that the shaft has not been bent. If runout exceeds 0.002 inch, replace the shaft. Bearing seats and oil seal area must be smooth and free of scratches or grooves. Shaft threads must be in good condition. Replace shaft, if necessary. Shaft Sleeve: Sleeve surface in the stuffing box must be smooth and free of grooves. If grooved, replace.

Which parts of centrifugal pumps should we inspect normaly

Mechanical Seal: Seal faces, gaskets, and shaft sealing members must be in perfect condi¬tion or excessive leakage may result, Replace worn or damaged parts.

Ball Bearings: Replace if worn, loose, orrough and noisy when rotated. New bearings should not be unwrapped until ready for use. Replacement bearings must be of the proper size and type äs supplied with the original equipment.

Seals: It is recommended that all O-ring and gasket seals be removed during disassembly and replaced. In those cases where new seals are not available, the old ones can be reused if the> are not torn or otherwise damaged.

General: All parts should be clean before assembly. This is especially important for retaining rings and O-ring grooves, threads, gasket surfaces, bearings, and bearing surfaces. Any bun's should be removed with crocus cloth.