Why drilling fluids need solid phase control

The effect of drilling fluid solid phase to drilling speed;

Drilling speed follows solid phase content rise, if the drilling speed of water is 100% and solid phase content rise to 7% and drilling speed decrease to 50%. Large statistical material shows that, solid phase content within 7% drilling speed can increase 10% at least.

In different solid phase content rang, when drilling fluid content is below 7%, drilling speed can rapid increase; but when exceed 7%, decrease solid phase content can’t increase drilling speed.

The colloidal particles which the size is small than 1µm have big effective to drilling speed, experience show that, the effective of colloidal particles the diameter is smaller than 1um is 12 times of the diameter is bigger than 1um particles. So if the more colloidal particles which the diameter is smaller than 1um the extent of drilling speed is decrease is bigger.

Solid phase content is too high will produce damages

It makes drilling fluid density is increase, decrease machine drilling speed and shorten drill bit service life.

Filter cake is bodiness but the grain is loose, friction coefficient is high lead to drilling down meet block appear adhere jamming drilling; otherwise, filter loss is increase make the well wall is swell, hole shrinkage, spalling and collapse.

Production capacity, solid phase content is increase, filter cake is thick maybe influence solid well quality.

Sand carrying capacity can series wear drill bit, drilling rig and mechanical equipment make drilling can’t go on wheels.

Drilling fluid performance is unsteadiness, viscosity, shearing is increase, liquidity is not good and leading to chemical pollution.

Sand samples are complex, electrical logging is hard and logging information is inaccurate.

So we must use solid control equipment eliminate the rock debris, particles, inferior clay and other harmful solid phase in drilling fluid, it also make bentonite, barite and useful solid phase content keep in the requirement ranges. It can Separates bentonite and barite from drilling fluid.