Why shaker screen cracked

Weave structure of shale shaker screen is preliminary bending into corrugated form wire, make two bending stuck in the same place to ensure the size of screen hole, shale shaker has bidirectional corrugated bending, lock bending, two way every wave bending, ceiling bending, unidirectional corrugated bending, the structure is strong. Screen is the expensive wearing parts in shale shaker, in order to ensure the service life of shale shaker, DC reading the reasons why shale shaker screen appear fracture.

Why shaker screen cracked

The screen is fractured with line shape, usually because the screen form the screen box support and between the secondary vibration, mutual impacting cause the screen linear motion has the rules fracture, the reasons:
The screen size of screen is mecism make the screw can’t tension.

The tension agencies of screen machine has problems, the tension flat and screen machine can’t be matched, tension plate mill thin or deformation.

The curved edge shape and size of screen can’t match with the tension flat.

The screen welding breakage led to the structure of screen is damaged.

Rubber strap is abraded.

The design structure of screen or screen machine has defect.

The support strip of screen is lower than screen, the support strip and screen has a certain distance.

The spring rate of around the shale shaker are nonuniform;

The amplitude of shale shaker is too big.