Why Users Prefer DC Solid Control Mud Tanks

A mud tank is an open-top container, typically made of steel, to store drilling fluid on a drilling rig. They are also called mud tankmud pits, because they used to be nothing more than pits dug out of the earth.

To be as a leader driliing mud equipment, to make perfect mud tank is a basic skills. DC Solid controls' mud tank advanced and unique design―including a patented settling tank with sloped walls and transverse baffles―ensures maximum retention time of the drilling fluids and aids in efficient separation and accumulation of flocculated solids.

Additional Benefits of DC Mud tanks:

1. The body of the tank is made of welding the steel plate and section, using the flat cone-shape structure or the corrugated structure.

2. The mud tank surface and the passage are made of the slipping resistant steel plate and linearity netted steel plate.

3. The mud tanks are made of the side steel pipe, all of the structure can be folded without barrier and pegged reliably.

4. The surface of tank is equipped with water pipeline for cleaning the surface and equipment on the mud tank, it uses soaked zinc processing for the netted steel plate.

5. The two-sided guard rail are installed the safe suspension hook. The mud tank is designed the standard shanty to prevent the sand and the rain. The pipeline is installed in the tank to preserve the warm air heat.

DC Solids control manufacture mud tank for our own fluids processing system but also we supply mud tank with customized desgin. Our comapny located in Iron city- Tangshan, so we have the raw material advantages, So buy Mud tank from us you will enjoy high quality but Good price.